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InQuest Solutions uses the most advanced PI technology

For over 20 years our highly trained team of Private Investigators and Analysts at InQuest Solutions have solidified our reputation as a nationwide leader as a private investigations firm mitigating fraud and providing the facts. Although we maintain a proven process in conducting each investigation, we are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever changing technology in today’s digital world.

Our ongoing partnership with multiple AM 100 Law Firms, International Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Self-Insureds, Fortune 500 Companies as well as Federal, State and Local Government Agencies is an attestation to our professionalism and integrity.

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Our diverse and highly trained team of Investigators and Analysts are experts in their fields and are capable of handling the most complex investigations When you partner with InQuest Solutions, rest assured each investigation is conducted with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and accuracy.   Our genuine interest in your success drives our unparalleled approach to customer service.

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We’re Here to Uncover the Facts

We understand how critical it is to be thorough in your research prior to making an informed decision.   Using a proven process, coupled with the most advanced technology and robust data sources, we provided accurate and timely information in an easy to read, narrative format.    We’re here to do the hard investigative work so you can take appropriate action.  Our services include:

We’ve Been Here Before

You need a team with experience in your approach to mitigating fraud and exposing the truth.  At InQuest Solutions, we’ve seen it all and never miss a step or let a fact go unchecked. Our experience as a national leader in investigative services sets us apart. 

  • 22 Years in Business
  • Highly Trained and Diverse Staff from the Beginning
  • No Subcontractors 
  • Most Trusted Partner to numerous Fortune 100 and 500 Companies,  AM 100 Law Firms, International Insurance Carriers, and Federal Government Agencies 
  • GSA Schedule Holder

We’re more than private investigators, we’re your partners in your quest for answers!

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Private Investigation Services

When it comes time to investigate suspicious activity within your company or build a defense against fraudulent insurance claims, we have you covered at InQuest solutions.

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Special Investigations Unit

For nearly 21 years, InQuest Solutions has served as a proven SIU resource for a multitude of companies across the United States.

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EEOC Services

Our Investigators understand the elements of any discrimination case and recognize that it is essential to be ever conscious of the need for objectivity and neutrality.

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Data & Online Monitoring

We find activity patterns, tendencies and routines that assist our field investigators in scheduling surveillance for optimal results.

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Background Investigations

Our team of highly trained investigators has access to the most robust databases and nationwide source network.

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Records Search & Retrieval

Should your or your team require a comprehensive search of records and/or retrieval anywhere in the United States, please Contact Us today.

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Jury Pool Research

Properly pre-screening jurors can be critical to your defense in high-exposure litigation.

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Surveillance & Activity Checks

Don’t act before you know all the facts. Hire a trusted private investigative firm like InQuest Solutions to uncover the facts you need for your case.

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Fact Investigations

We employ a highly experienced team of investigators and analysts who are solely dedicated to conducting Fact Investigations.

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Locate/Skip Trace

InQuest Solutions has a dedicated team who work on a daily basis locating individuals who do not want to be found or witnesses who are critical to a case.

Our Case Studies

When you partner with us you will feel safe and secure with our high standards for integrity and honesty. Take a look at our work.

We’re more than private investigators, we’re your partners in this quest for better solutions.

If you need help determining the best PI route for your case,
Contact Us with further questions or inquiries or make a
New Case Request today.

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