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Analyzing Social Media data

Jury Pool Research

Properly pre-screening jurors can be critical to your defense in high exposure litigation. InQuest Solutions’ team of researchers and analysts are extremely proficient in revealing potential biases.

We do not solely rely on an algorithm to tie certain jurors to social media profiles and posts. Effective screening requires investigation and analysis. As part of each Juror Screening, at minimum, we look for and provide analysis on the following:

  • Political Affiliation/Leanings
  • Group or Organization Affiliations
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Education and Employment
  • Marital Status
  • Digital Subscriptions
  • Posts Pertaining Current Topics or News


We understand every case is unique, so we work closely with defense counsel and jury consultants in customizing our Jury Pool Research to fit a particular need.

Further, knowing expediency is critical, InQuest Solutions can provide results within 12 hours of the initial request and will monitor social media accounts throughout the life of the trial.

Frequently Ask Questions

InQuest Solutions can provide results in as little as 12 hours from the initial request.

Yes! InQuest Solutions has experience handling large pools of potential jurors, and can provide results on a rolling basis.

Yes! InQuest Solutions offers customized research and reporting to fit the specific needs of our clients.

While InQuest can handle batches of all sizes, typically ranging from 50 to 1000 potential jurors.

InQuest Solutions provides robust juror information including group or organization affiliations, hobbies and interests, education and employment, marital status, digital subscriptions, criminal records, civil records, posts pertaining to current topics or news and critical juror analysis.

InQuest Solutions ensures the accuracy and reliability of their research on potential jurors through their highly trained and experienced staff of licensed investigators who have undergone extensive field and classroom training, and who diligently follow a proven process for uncovering answers.

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